Preschool 1

Exploring Our Creativity
October 2019


This month we have been exploring transient art. Transient art is a non permanent, process orientated type of art. When children are involved in creating transient art, they manipulate, explore and experiment as they work individually or collaboratively on their project. There are endless opportunities for children to create and explore ideas without pressures. Children realise that the non-permanent aspect of their creation allows them to move materials around and make changes where they see fit. Through this, the children are able to combine a variety of materials. They are able to explore colours, textures and shapes, knowing that there is no right or wrong final product. They develop confidence as they build on their own ideas and explore their own thinking.


 Child does transient art


In our classroom we have an abundance of transient art supplies such as flowers, fake grass, large and small jewels, buttons, butterflies, shells, acorns and other natural, outdoor materials. Felix and Charlie used blue jewels, flowers and grass to create their transient art. They moved materials around and added and subtracted supplies throughout their process. Dominic decided to line up his jewels and buttons on 2 different parts of his board. He was careful not to mix the materials. Charles used his memory recall to create a circle using blue and white jewels. Patrick layered grass and large flowers to create a mountain of beauty. He was very proud of his final product, showing it to his peers and educators. This is one of the first activities that allowed Ayman to really express himself. He focused on the jars of materials and gathered the items he desired. He gently placed them on his board and slowly moved them around. He enjoyed placing the butterfly onto the flowers and the grass on his page. The children all worked at sharing the materials on the table and were able to ask one another for what they needed.

 Child does transient art


We also have a cork board with wooden shapes and letters. We use small nails and a hammer to place the wooden pieces into the corkboard. This is also a form of transient art as the pieces come out easily and move as needed. Ariya, Charles, Ryker and Hudson all enjoy exploring this type of transient art. They follow the safety guidelines that the educators have explained, avoiding any injuries. They explore math through shapes and patterns, as well as enhancing their letter recognition as they call out the letters that are being hammered into the cork.

 Child does transient art


We encourage you and your family to go on a nature walk and gather loose parts to create a transient art box to be kept at home (indoor or outdoor)! Please share photos with your child’s class if you choose to get creative!