Congratulations to the 2016/2017 award winners

Parent's Choice Awards

The purpose of this award is to encourage and demonstrate positive relationships with families whose children attend Owl programs. Parents are asked to submit a written nomination for the employee or team they feel deserves this award.

 2017 team staff

Parent's Choice Team Award
- Gabi Costisor, Steph Simpson, and Shannon Bell from Owl - St. Luke
Parent's Choice Award - Chloe Ferrier from Owl - Our Lady of Fatima

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 2017 teacher of the year award winner  community rev
Teacher of the Year Award
Rukmaine Abdulla, Owl -  St. Matthew
Community Service Award
Denise Acton, Owl - St. Nicholas

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Long Term Service Awards

Heartfelt thanks to all of our long-service employees - your dedication to Owl and passion for early learning make a difference every day!

 5year rev  10year staff

5 Years of Service

Michelle Hiebert, Owl - John Sweeney
Nancy Lazo, Owl - Lincoln Road
Rebecca Smeltzer, Owl - St. Matthew
Deb Wintrip, Owl - Lincoln Road
Sarah Holland, Owl - Our Lady Fatima

10 Years of Service
Amy Smith, Owl - Saint John Paul II
Lori Prospero, Administration office
Dianne Levasseur, Administration office
15year staff 25 year staff

15 Years of Service

Lisa Brown, Owl – Lincoln Road
Marianne Butler, Owl - St. Matthew

25 Years of Service
Joanne Roga, Owl - St. Nicholas
30 year staff  

30 Years of Service

Debbie McNanney, Owl – John Sweeney