COVID-19 Protocols

All child care centres re-opened on July 6, 2020 with updated health and safety policies to address COVID-19 risks and meet the requirements set forth by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and Waterloo Region Public Health. Owl employees have received training in these new procedures and have been created safe, caring and positive environments where they can engage and learn alongside the children.

Our focus will be on developing and/or renewing relationships with children and ensuring everyone is safe and healthy.  We will continue to deliver quality play-based learning based on the age group and interests of the children.  

Children and staff will be grouped into cohorts of  no more than 10 (educators and children included) that will remain together for a minimum of 7 days.

  • 6 infants, 3 staff
  • 8 toddlers, 2 staff
  • 8 preschoolers, 2 staff
  • 8 Jr. Camp, 1.5 staff
  • 8 Sr. Camp, 1.5 staff

These small cohorts will allow the environment to be set up to maximize physical distancing. Physical distancing between children is recognized to be difficult in a child care setting and the focus will be on maintaining a welcoming and caring environment for children. When setting up the environment, physical distancing of at least 2 metres must be maintained between cohorts at all times.

  • Physical distancing will also be encouraged, where possible, between children within the same cohort.
  • Spreading children out into different areas, particularly at meal and dressing time
  • Incorporating more individual activities or activities that encourage more space between children using visual cues to promote physical distancing
  • Using visual cues to space out activity areas to limit the # of children at a table, etc.

Additional staff will assist with screening, regular cleaning/disinfecting, laundry and other tasks all to ensure a high quality program while minimize risk.

Parents are invited to review our policies and procedures adn to reach out to thier centre supervisor with any questions or concerns.

Policies & Procedures

COVID-19 Screening

COVID-19 Infection Control

  • Incldues procedures related to:
    • Cleaning, Disinfecting & Removal of Hard to Clean Items
    • Use of Cohorts & Adjustments to Staffing
    • Physical Distancing & Visual Cues
    • Outdoor Programming Adjustments
    • Personal Measures (e.g., hand hygiene)
    • Personal Protective Equipment

COVID-19 Isolation & Response

  • Includes:
    • COVID-19 Response Scenarios
    • Isolation Flow Chart
    • Fact-sheet on Self-Monitoring
    • Fact-sheet on Self-Isolation

We believe that...

  • every child is valued and has a right to a caring, safe and stimulating environment.

  • early learning experiences have a significant effect on later life and that diverse experiences develop well-rounded individuals.

  • staff have a right to a respectful, safe and healthy work environment.

  • quality of care is positively influenced by staff who are well-educated and supported in their life-long learning

Whether you are a current Owl family or looking for child care, below you will find the various forms related to health, safety and well-being. Forms are provided in PDF or a fillable Microsoft Word file. Word-based forms are set up such that you can type information directly in the form; you must save the form first to your desktop before filling it out. Be sure to save the form so that it can be easily updated at a later date.


When you are ready to submit your form, you have two options:

  1. Print, sign and return your form to the centre supervisor.
  2. Print, sign and scan your form and then email the form to your centre supervisor.

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