Mandatory Online Covid-19 Screening

All employees and parents of students registered in infant, toddler, preschool, before school, PA/PD Day and camp programs operated by RisingOaks are required to complete RisingOak's mandatory online screening form each day your child is scheduled to attend. 

The form must be completed by 8:00 am or prior to arrival at the school, whichever is earlier. Upon arrival, staff will confirm its completion. *Please submit one form per child enrolled at RisingOaks.

Students who only attend After School do not need to complete this form. Instead, parents are asked to complete the school's online screening. A RisingOaks' educators will do a modified screening after school once your child arrives in our program.

Click on your school name to access the form to start today’s screening
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  • If symptoms are present, only select them if they are NEW or WORSENING.
  • If symptoms are related to a previously diagnosed condition, that is on file with RisingOaks do not select that symptom.
  • If the symptom is not related to a previously diagnosed condition, please select the symptom and follow the direction provided below.


If you (employee or visitor) or your child has symptoms. Stay home. Do not go to work or to child care/school today. Follow the guidance below.

For Children:

1+ Primary Symptom and/or 2+ Secondary Symptoms = Failed Screening

You are advised to:

  • stay home and self-isolate immediately
  • get tested, or contact your doctor/health care professional for assessment.
  • asymptomatic siblings need only to self-monitor and may go to school/child care.

Only 1 secondary symptom = Failed Screening

You are advised to:

  • stay home for 24-hours from when symptoms started
  • siblings do not need to isolate, they only need to self-monitor and may go to school/child care.
  • if symptoms are improving, your child may return the centre when they feel well enough to do so. COVID testing is not required.
  • if their symptoms worsen or persist, contact your child's doctor/health care professional for further assessment and to discuss if testing is recommended.

For Employees/Students on Placement & Visitors Entering the Building

  • If you have any symptoms, stay home; do not enter the building or report to work.
  • Book an appointment for a COVID test.
  • If you feel your symptoms are related to an underlying condition, speak to your health care provider and then submit a Declaration.

For All: If Known Exposure and/or Travel Outside of Canada
If you answered YES to regarding known exposure to a positive case of COVID, travel outside of Canada and/or a request to isolate by Public Health, you have not passed the screening and are not able to attend work or the child care program today. You/your child are advised to:

  • stay home and begin to self-isolate immediately
  • contact Public Health and follow their advise.
  • If symptoms develop, contact your/your child's doctor or health care professional for further assessment and to discuss if testing is recommended.


COVID-19 Advisories

This page will be updated with information regarding confirmed cases of COVID-19 involving a child or employee in a RisingOaks Early Learning setting. 

In the interests of privacy, information provided here will not identify the children or employees that have received a positive COVID-19 test result.

Confirmed Cases in RisingOaks locations/centres

The information here will be updated upon notification that an employee or child in care tests positive after consultation with Region of Waterloo Public Health.

   Date       Location         Employee or Child   
Dec. 23 Franklin YDP (WRDSB) 2 children 2nd case added Dec 30. One cohort in school and both YDP cohorts declared in COVID-19 outbreak.
 Dec. 15   Crestivew YDP (WRDSB)   Employee Confirmed Positive. 2 cohorts (before/after school) released. Isolation period ended Dec 29/20.

COVID-19 Policies & Procedures

All child care centres are open with updated health and safety policies to address COVID-19 risks and meet the requirements set forth by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and Waterloo Region Public Health. RisingOaks Early Learning employees have received training in these new procedures and have been creating safe, caring and positive environments where they can engage and learn alongside the children.

COVID-19 Screening policy

COVID-19 Infection Control policy

  • Includes procedures related to:
    • Cleaning, Disinfecting & Removal of Hard to Clean Items
    • Use of Cohorts & Adjustments to Staffing
    • Physical Distancing & Visual Cues
    • Outdoor Programming Adjustments (revised Feb 8/21)
    • Personal Measures (e.g., hand hygiene)
    • Personal Protective Equipment (revised Feb 8/21)

COVID-19 Isolation & Response policy

  • Includes:
    • COVID-19 Response Scenarios
    • Isolation Flow Chart
    • Fact-sheet on Self-Monitoring
    • Fact-sheet on Self-Isolation

In general, here are just a few of the things we are doing to keep everyone safe.

  • Active screening of all participants, employees and visitors.
  • Cohorts. Each program room/age group will form a cohort. Cohorts will not mix.
  • Adjustments to staffing schedules. Wherever possible, staff will not work with more than one cohort.
  • All adults are required to wear medical masks and eye protection while inside the centre 
  • School-age children are also required to wear a face mask.
  • Physical distancing of at least 2 metres is encouraged where possible within each program room.
  • Incorporating more individual activities or activities that encourage more space between children using visual cues to promote physical distancing
  • Isolation & reporting of anyone who exhibits symptoms while in program.

Parents are invited to review the above policies and procedures and to reach out to their centre supervisor with any questions or concerns.


Stay up to date:
COVID-19/Coronavirus Information

We are in close and regular contact with public health experts from Region of Waterloo Public Health & Emergency Services to ensure we have all the most up-to-date, factual information available concerning COVD-19. Similarly, we work in partnership with local school boards in the exchange of information and response plans within our joint system. Region of Waterloo Public Health continues to work closely with local hospitals, health care and community partners, the Ministry of Health, Public Health Ontario and national partners to monitor and respond accordingly to the COVID-19 situation.

Be sure to avoid misinformation. Region of Waterloo Public Health continues to provide up-to-date and evidence-based information on their website so that you have the information you need to make informed decisions about your health: